Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wednesday At Taylors

3 of us – Pamela, Lisa and I – climbed at TF today. We tried “Walking on Air,” “Batman,” and “Impossible Crack,” as well as some others. Some of us plan to be at TF on Saturday morning (Wisconsin side.) It was sad, in a way, to see that, because of budget cuts at the state parks, all of the taped holds have been removed from the rock. We had to find a park ranger to show us where the holds are. Maybe we should raise funds to get Greg out there and do some taping.

This is a personal note to those of you who’ve told me at VE, “I’d love to climb outside. Haven’t done it yet.” People, people, people, what are we gonna do with you? It’s the opening of the State Fair on Thursday. That means we have 10 days  12 days ‘til winter starts. (Approx.). Let’s get you outside.


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What time on Saturday, and where?