Friday, August 7, 2009

Mel and Lisa's Grand Adventure.

The thought of writing a whole post about our trip is too overwhelming so I think I will post a bit at a time, by subject. OK?

Our Guide, Wesley Bunch 48 years old, likes to mountaineer, ski mountaineer, surf and hang out in Argentina. Here is his profile on Exum guides. He placed one cam on the whole Exum Ridge Route. It was at Wall Street so if he fell he wouldn't pull us all down with him if he should fall the 1000 feet. We are talking old school, hip belays and walking in coils. He mentioned he had done this route over 300 times. He keep us moving quickly, we had to focus on the task at hand. This photo is him at the summit. At the top of a 200 foot rap, He told me to untie, I asked if I could please be clipped into something, he said "no". sigh....... He did learn to read my face pretty well, but who can't?

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