Saturday, August 29, 2009

Richard and the gals

Mel, Renee, Pamela, Amy, Barb (Richard's lovely wife) and myself had a great day of climbing on the wiSconie side of Taylors Falls today. We had top ropes set up all over the place. We hung by our finger nails and waved at the tour boat. Climbing was much easier when we kept in mind that our feeties are not baked potAtoes.

For our after-climbing snack we had the most amazing assortment of deep fried foods and some beer. Yum. Chilly day, I hope for a long fall climbing season. I think I would like to visit the Minnesota side next weekend, anyone want to come along? I know Pamela will be wearing a beautiful wedding gown instead of a harness. Good Luck Pammy! We were careful not to bruise the bride today.

I know that Richard or Pamela took photos today, please add them to this post!

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Amy Ries said...

I might be, although we'll be out of town Saturday and Sunday. Monday could work, though...