Friday, August 7, 2009

The Grand: Base Camp One

Man Camp on the Lower Saddle, Mel and I huddled in the corner. Yes we had a sleep over with 12 men, One of them was Carl, only the guy next to him snored. The hut was very organized, Guide stuff on the left of the tape. Put you headlamp and your breakfast in your helmet, sleep on your pack, we will bring you hot water at 3:15 am, then we go. The was a huge rock fall at about 2:00 am, about 4 of us sat straight up, wided eyed. It never got dark because of the full moon. Good thing because I got up to tiptoe over everyone about 4 times because of all the water Wes forced us to drink all day. But it worked, none of us felt any ill effects of the altitude.

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