Thursday, August 27, 2009

the bowline, my favorite

Rabbits and trees are fine but mountaineers break the window and scratch the belly. I will show you sometime. That method uses bigger arm movements so you partners or guide can see that you did it correctly.

I find uses for the bowline endless. You can tie into your harness, or just a rope without a harness,even right in the middle. You an throw one around a tree or tie up your horse, cow, sheep (oh that's right we mule knot muenter hitch those) you can throw one around a boulder or even tie up your yacht if you have one. Why knot? Oh that's right, it's not a knot, it's a bend, which is stronger. Heck I could tie Ben to a chair for a haircut! Oh again probably the mule hitch would work better. I miss you Ben, now stop goofing off and study! :)

Feel free to leave even more uses in the comment field.

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Pamela K said...

i hear dem dare sailors use it too