Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Tuesday Report

Tuesday is usually my day off from climbing but I took pity on Aaron and met him at VE. We decided it was not big overhanging lead day, but it was endurance day. So we set the goal of climbing all the 5.8's and 5.9's in the gym. Dang we almost made it. The endorphins kicked in and my me down right goofier that usual! It was a very good exercise.

I also decided that climbing can behave like an addiction in that if you are sore from climbing, just climb a little bit and you will feel better! Hair of the dog that bit you. Sore shoulders, a few routes will stretch 'em out. I am just saying this is a good thing that can happen in an activity that we enjoy. As always enjoy all fun activities in moderation.

Caught a glimpse of Mel and Renee. Taylor's on Saturday anyone?

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Pamela K said...

Taylors on saturday could work.... :)