Monday, August 31, 2009

Mt Fairweather

Here’s a climb we did a few years ago in Alaska. We took a bush plane from Juneau and landed in a little glacier melt water pond at sea level on the Pacific Ocean side of the peak. Then we climbed from there. As far as we could tell, we were only the 2nd group who’d climbed it this way.

We could see Glacier Bay to the east from the summit. On the way in, we passed a plane which had crashed a few years before. We found a wallet which we turned into the FAA office in Juneau. (We were the first ones to report the crash at least.) It’s a little creepy to find a crashed plane with people’s stuff before you head up a major peak. (But it’s also a little creepy to climb with me. C’est la vie.)

Oh, well we waited two days for the plane to pick us up, we could hear grizzly bears attacking the geese that lived along the shoreline where we were camped. But, not to worry, if they’d attacked us., our plan was to fight them off with our super duper B.O.

More aerial photos of Mt Fairweather here.

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