Sunday, May 3, 2009


There has some experimenting and some questions concerning the hippie olympics sport of choice, slack lining, I thought it only prudent to clear up a common slack line misconception: you definitely DO NOT need to spend $80 or more on a slack line. If you’re a climber you probably already have the required materials in your used webbing pile.Here is the link to the definitive how to guide.

What you’ll need:

50 to 100 feet of 1″ tubular webbing for a 25-50 foot slack line
2 48″ or longer slings for the anchors.
2 oval carabiners
2 locking carabiners

Then there's a muenter hitch a couple of clove hitches and a 4:1 mechanical advantage and pull, maybe the video explains it better.

I have also seen it done with a ratcheting cargo strap, but for climbers that just seems wrong.

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Levi said...

I have a much better way to set up a slack line. My friend ryan and I have it down. This way seems dumb because it loosens fast and you have to tie it off. If you do it our way you just pull and the friction keeps it from slipping. yea its pretty tight.