Friday, May 1, 2009

Red Wing Friday

Hey, let’s get some warmer weather here, OK? For most of the day, Ron & I climbed in the shade. It was chilly.

Ron did another link up – leading up Goofed for a few bolts, traversing 3 Fat Chicks and clipping the anchors at the top of Vertical Vice. Then down climbing Vertical, re-climbing Vertical, re-traversing to Goofed and down climbing Goofed. Kinda fun, kinda whacked. I got most of the way then my knee gave out. Waa waa waa. On our way to the sunnier side,smartwasp (I think the wasps were the size of SmartCars,) Ron saw some major booty up on “Fallout.” He spotted a new quick draw hanging just above the big roof. So Ron led up to it. Couldn’t get it that way. So I went up, then traversed across the bottom of the roof, linked up to Perfect Crimb and climbed to the top. Then Ron climbed Perfect, traversed across the top of Pulldown Menu and grabbed the quick draw. Then we went home and I got Buddy a burger at Mickey Ds. (Ahhh, isn’t that sweet?)

PS We saw Russell with his Rope Gun Ben up there teaching a class. Ben’s tan has faded. (Get out in the sun, boy.) The students couldn’t have been in better hands. (But they were careful where  they put their hands. You know, these days, best just to keep your hands to yourself.)


Ben said...

HEY NOW! im working on my tan!

richard said...

Watch out Ben, or I'll tan your hide. With Photoshop, of course