Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Business Meeting

I met today with Russell from VEGA to plan the upcoming Women on the Edge Climbing Trip. We looked at possible rappel station on the WI strip in Taylors Falls made sure a bunch of routes were climbable. We found that Cathusalem, Cathusileft, Old Man, Inside Corner and Split the Difference were highly climbable and downright fun. With all the fact finding done, we ended our meeting at DQ!

Oh by the way I got a nasty note on my car at Perkins, apparently I am supposed to leave my car only at official Park 'n Ride locations... oh brother, we wouldn't want people carpooling and such, saving energy and all.....what a world..had a great day I won't be crabby, just thought you should know.

Here is a photo of old man that was at the meeting too.

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