Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Perfect Starter Rack

By Abrahm Lustgarten

Assuming you're already equipped with shoes, a harness, a belay kit, and a rope, here's a list of suggested items to complete a basic but useful climbing rack. Buying this all at once will cost you around $900, but some careful shopping might yield ready-to-climb packages for substantially less.

*35 non-locking carabiners (20 to complete 10 draws, 10 to hold your gear on your harness, and 5 extras)
*10 sewn runners about 8-16 inches long
*2 double-length sewn slings
*3 single-length sewn slings
*Complete set of Black Diamond Stoppers (#1-13)
*Black Diamond Camalots # .75, .5, 1, 2, 3
*Metolius Quad-cams # 0, 00
*4 locking carabiners
*1 four-foot (doubled) cord-o-let
*1 sewn daisy chain


Levi said...

Thanks for making my Christmas list mom! :)

Tyler V said...

Daisies are no good. Manufacturers say flat out that they are for aid climbing purposes. Get a PAS instead.

Lisa said...

Good point Tyler,you are right.