Saturday, May 2, 2009

Interstate Park

For a mere $35 this Minnesotan can go to The Wisconsin State Parks any time she wants for an entire year. One friend of mine likes to park across the highway and walk in just to "stick it to the man" until he realized, he is the man!

Today Mel and I went for an epic tour of this gem in Wisconsin, by foot, it was lovely. Interstate Park has it all; meadows, canyons, crags,a lake, scenic overlooks, historical buildings (yes the stone shelter is still there) Who knew? We hiked about 5 miles and also saw familiar faces clinging to the undersides of boulders, weird.

Back at the strip we set our bomber anchors on Cathuselum, we heard some strange crying or yelling. We then descended to find Jon and his friend Steve trad leading up Inside Corner. They also climbed the Impossible Crack while we continued to goof off on our route. Seems that crack is not so impossible after all.

I was quite satisfied with my day and my state and my neighboring state, even though my camara is on the fritz so I have no photos to show you. Then during a friendly little chat online. Eric told me that he is going to climb this tomorrow. 5 pitches!? I think I am moving to Colorado tonight. What the heck? I spoze we all should become marine biologists too or xeroscapers. Ok, I'll calm down, after all I had a great day.

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