Thursday, May 14, 2009

Black Hills Climbing Coalition May 2009

The next meeting of the BHCC will be 7 pm Wednesday, May 27, in Hill City. We are going to start the meeting at Granite Sports with free hors d’oeurvres and beverages, have a amiable social gathering and discuss plans for a few upcoming FUN events for the summer. At 8pm, we will move across the street to the Slate Creek Grill to finish up the rest of the meeting.

Our last meeting in Rapid City was rather contentious. A number of people, both for and against, were riled up by the Needles bolting issues that had been proposed for discussion during the March meeting. Although Mike Cronin withdrew his proposal way back in March, there were still plenty of people who wanted to nail the lid on the coffin of that bad boy (not Mike—the bolting proposal).

Even though the Needles bolting issue was hopefully laid to rest in a deep grave, the angst from that issue permeated every other thing that was brought up throughout the meeting. No one seemed to be able to agree on anything. Even the most innocent and innocuous suggestions were met with lengthy discussions and concerns.

By the end of the meeting, everything had been thoroughly argued. I think everyone left as comrades and friends, agreeing to disagree on a few subjects, and ready to leave those subjects far behind and move on to more pleasant discussions.

Hopefully, having a little social gathering at Granite Sports to start our next meeting will get us all off onto the right foot, and we can all FEEL THE LOVE—if not for each other, at least for climbing J

At long last the BHCC website is up and running again. That alone is cause for major celebration. If you have any photos of climbs or climbers in the Black Hills, dig them out and get them to our webmaster, Eric Hansen.

See you in Hill City!

Climb Hard and Climb Safe.

Bruce B. Junek — Newsletter Editor


Bruce B. Junek, Chairperson 605-348-3432

Caleb Hansen, Vice Chairperson 605-431-7088

Becky Wood, Secretary

Jim Slichter, Treasurer

Eric Hansen, Publicist / Webmaster

Ron Yahne, Member @ Large

Mike Cronin, Member @ Large

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