Friday, May 29, 2009

Horney Toad Discounts Benefit the American Alpine Club

Warm nights, suntan lines, BBQ, long hot days, sunscreen smell, sweaty beer cans, laughing with friends in the sunshine – these are a few of my favorite summer things. I know you are a fun maker especially during these dog days of summer, so I wanted to hip you to a deal my companies Horny Toad and Nau are extending to you to get suited up for all the solstice mayhem that is sure to commence.

Here is the scoop:
1) Be first to enjoy the deep-discounts of the Dog Days deal, because just like summer, all good things come to an end.
Horny Toad:
60% off until June 8th
50% off until June 15th
40% off until June 29th.
50% off until June 15th
2) Please pass this on to your friends and family – don’t be shy – so they can take advantage of the program. Don’t forget about your Facebook and Twitter accounts, they are great way to help get the word out.
3) The top three Toads, Nauians or Lizard Loungers that generate the most business – hopefully one will be me with your help – gets to direct cash prizes $1,000 and more to a charity of their choice. My charity is The American Alpine Club ( Help me get the community that surrounds this cause involved so they can benefit from this too, everybody wins!
4) Go to:
5) Use code DOGDAYS during checkout.
6.) Not to be combined with other offers...sorry.
7.) Returns and exchanges are totally cool with us.

Amy BonDurant
Join the family!

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richard said...

"Cute clothes" according to my wife.