Friday, August 5, 2011

Two Marathons A Day

She averaged about 2 marathons a day and wore out 5 pairs of shoes in her record-breaking hike of the Appalachian Trail.

Jennifer Pharr Davis set the unofficial record for the fastest hike of the entire Appalachian Trail, yet she said she never ignored the beauty of the 2,180-mile trek from Maine to Georgia. She saw 36 bears, moose, porcupines and just about every sunrise and sunset during her journey, which lasted exactly 46 days, 11 hours, and 20 minutes since she left Mount Katahdin in Maine on June 16.

‘Fastest is so relative,’ Davis said Tuesday after estimating she had slept about 30 of the past 48 hours. ‘My average was 3 mph. So what are you not going to see at 3 mph?’”

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