Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Oh No, They Might Build Houses There

Why do people who use the “wilderness” - located 30 minutes from one of the most highly visited cities in the world - think that they deserve special treatment because they are climbers or hikers or use the outdoors? You do not deserve special treatment because you are a climber.

I thought of this when I read about the possible building of “tract houses” that would be close to the Red Rocks Canyon outside of Las Vegas.

“There is no doubt that this project will have an extremely negative impact on climbers, hikers, cyclists, and equestrians. There will be an ugly tract house city with noise and pollution right outside of a federally designated Wilderness Area.”

Apparently Red Rocks is a wilderness that should be saved from any kind of noise or view of houses. It is a wilderness that has paved roads leading to it and that is only a few miles from a major city. And “tract houses” are the ugly houses that people who don’t have a lot of money, can afford. (I, personally, would never live in a tract home. I would make sure that any home I own is built to exacting historically accurate standards and would never be cheek-to-jowl with other homes. Tract houses are what little people buy. I can’t blame them, not really, because they don’t know any better.)

I know, there is no one else as bold and daring as I am – I’m a climber and an outdoors person. I have been know to take a risk or two. I have found myself – and this is not bragging – to be an adventurous type. I am not like the little people who hike around city parks or bike on a flat, paved trail. I am one of the elites who should not have to mingle with regular people. I should not have to be burdened with seeing how or where other people live their meager, desperate small lives.

I hate it when I get on a  highway and am stymied in my perambulations by the hoi polloi – the regular people. Don’t they know I am in a hurry? Don’t they know the highway was built for me by me so I could go about my important tasks? (Oh, wait a minute, didn’t other people pay for “my highway?” Damn! I hate that kind of thinking.) 

Likewise, when I take time out from my schedule to grace a National Park or a wilderness area with my presence – to which I can easily fly and/or drive - I think others should be alerted that I am arriving and should be mandated to leave. I don’t mean they have to leave immediately – that would inconvenience them too much. I would give them 1-2 hours to vacate the area. I am not unreasonable. For example, I have not required this of my companions when I enter a room – yet.



wed wing won said...

I agree with you Richard you should not have to put up with that... The only way they should put them there is if you owned the villa of tract houses. and it was your Idea. Oh and thank you for not requiring any of the above form me,a poor helpless miserable soul. you are most gracious. Hats off to you Richard.

richard said...

Thank you for doffing your hat to me, my good sir. I do appreciate the showing of respect.