Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Do You Believe Danger Signs?

I have noticed a “Chicken Little, The sky is falling!” syndrome when it comes to signs. I am no longer sure if something is DSCN1656really dangerous just because someone put a sign saying it is dangerous. I am not alone in disbelieving signs, as is evidenced by my recent trip to Yosemite Valley where I encountered this sign at Bridalveil Falls.

This parent was unconcerned about placing his kids on a “dangerous” rock. And the people in the photo below flat-out ignored the sign in order to scramble up the wet, slippery rocks. As did I. Only a pansy would pay attention to the sign. (I may be wrong about the danger there - but I certainly wouldn’t want my skirt to billow up if I believed the sign and didn’t get closer to the falls.)


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