Friday, June 10, 2011


Accumulation, intensification and transformation is described in a new article at Climb Strong. A brief summary:

“Accumulation is the idea that you should do as much climbing of as many different styles as possible. This means multiple rock types, lengths of climbs, angles, everything.

Intensification simply means making all those weekly minutes of volume more difficult… All you spreadsheet-loving engineers out there will hate the lack of specifics here, but here’s the deal: go harder than last week. Do this for a month or so, and then look at transforming this into more “usable” fitness.

Transformation is application. You want to back off, way off, on the amount of activity you do each week, and you want to focus all your energy on climbing. All of it. And forget about training for God’s sake. Just go out, go hard, and quit when you get tired.”

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