Monday, June 13, 2011

First Big Wall Climb

Quite a story of a group of friends on their first climb of a really big wall – El Cap. Lots of details about the gear and food they brought. I liked this part:

I was still getting used to aid climbing, and wasn't moving as fast as I wanted. We finally got to Dolt Tower on pitch 11 at midnight. We ate dinner, and then got our sleeping pads and bags out. This was my first time sleeping with a harness on.. uncomfortable, but sweet!!

Day 2:

When I first woke up, I had forgotten where I was. When I remembered, I felt sick to my stomach. I was completely overwhelmed, knowing that we still had another 20 pitches and 2000 feet to go after two full hard days of climbing (well.. hard for me). I forced down a nutella and peanut butter bagel along with a poptart and we started climbing again.”

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