Sunday, June 5, 2011

Leave Them Kids Alone

What can you do when you need to leave the nest for a few days to get some food? You can’t leave the kids alone. And you don’t have any money to pay for day care. So you coordinate with your neighbors to take care of the kids and shelter them from the weather. And that’s how you get to the photo below photo of a colony of penguins who have put the brown-colored kids in the middle of the white-colored adults. Full story and more photos here. Including this photo whose caption I imagine is something like:

A King penguin protects a female from another male as the sun sets“OK, if you’re taking care of the kids tonite, don’t let them play with the Wii until they’ve eaten all of their food. Got it?’







Extraordinary patterns emerge as the brown baby penguins are herded into creches by their parents

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