Saturday, June 18, 2011

Buy A House In Yosemtie

Hans Florine – a speed climber who set the record for climbing El Cap in 2 hours 38 minutes 3 years ago – is selling his house in Yosemite. You can buy it or rent a room from him. Read about it here.

He has his own website here. In an interview on speed climbing he says:

What kind of compromises to your safety, if any, do you make when you're speed climbing?

Oh that's a great question. The Nose speed record is a great example... When people sit on The Nose route for four days and they're belaying somebody on a single pitch for an hour, sometimes two hours, you start kind of looking at the clouds, maybe chatting with the people next to you—maybe not 100 percent attentive on the belay, which isn't per-say dangerous as long as you have your brake-hand on. But that whole three days that you're up there, that's three days that you're on a 3,000-foot cliff where things can go wrong, as opposed to being on it for six hours only. And in that six hours, or in the case of Dean and Sean who did it in 2 hours, 36 minutes and 50 seconds, or something like that. Those two guys are focused 100 percent of every second of that 2 hours and 36 minutes and 50 seconds on climbing the route. They're not thinking about their taxes or their girlfriend or anything. They're thinking about that next placement. That next hand jam and belaying, attentively, the person in the hard section.

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