Friday, October 15, 2010


We did some canyoneering just outside Zion Park today. We hiked to the top of a canyon and then descended it via several rappels, cold water swims, and some technical stemming. At one point, Lisa went first to check the depth of the water. In order to stay out of water in this pool, she needed to a “downward facing dog” fully extended (hands on one side, feet on the other.) The walls were so far apart though, that she couldn’t reach both sides. So as one of us yelled at her “don’t go in the water over your head,” she dropped into the water and disappeared from sight. This was icy cold water more than Lisa’s height deep. She was down so long, we thought about sending out the rescue penguins to save her. But as usual, she popped up like toast. Another time, she had to ferry all our packs across a narrow slot the cliffs by chimneying horizontally.

Here’s a photo of us entering the canyon:


Here we are rappeling down into part of the canyon.


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