Tuesday, October 26, 2010

What Does A Self-Respecting MAMIL Wear?

To answer Jen’s comment on the post about Middle Age Men In Lycra (“What color would you choose Richard?”), I found a video of a lycra fashion show. (It kinda makes me sick to my stomach to watch men prancing around in tight clothing. Others, might find it delicious.)

A link to the actual fashion show held at night. at the New River Rendezvous 2010. This is more sassy than the above video and not designed for youthful eyes. You have been warned! (I couldn’t get it to embed which is why I used the video above. Que lastima!)

OK, so what color tights would I wear?

  • Pink is out. PPM has the monopoly on those.
  • Lavender is out.  I saw Anthony in lavender at Red Wing.
  • Black. Too subtle, too slimming; it makes my legs look even skinnier than they already are.
  • Tiger stripes, leopard spots. Looks like the person is calling out for help. I have enough issues that I don’t need to take that one on too.
  • Red, I think would be the best. I tell others all the time to wear red if they want to show up in climbing photos.

Of course, the question “What does a self-respecting MAMIL wear?” is a trick question. A self-respecting man doesn’t wear lycra. A real hot dog does. And remember:




Lisa said...

Red would be awesome on you. You did look mighty fine in my yoga pants!

Lisa said...

Ok, I waited until all the house was quiet to take a peak at the fashion show. O man. Well, I was about to declare the golden man the winner but then I saw the guy in the rainbow pants with the hard hat. Yeah Baby! Then after some thoughtful reflection, I decided, it is really not what you got but absolutely how you present it. There were plenty of good looking guys on the runway, being well, rather boring. Attitude is everything!