Friday, October 22, 2010

Questions About Climbing El Cap

Here’s a post with some questions about climbing El Cap.

“My friends and I have been climbing in a local gym for about a year, and are planning a trip to yosemite this summer to climb el captain. we have a few questions about gear, and thought we could get them answered in cyberspace!

  1. is a static rope good enough for the climb? the sales guy at the gym said it was cheaper for beginning climbers to just get a static rope to start.
  2. are there draws on the bolts already? my friend told me no way, because of some sort of wilderness designation, but i figure if people climb it so often, there might just be fixed draws.
  3. do the anchors already have chains, or do we have to bring one up with us to connect the bolts?
  4. how long does it take to climb it? i heard its 3000 feet high, so, figuring i can climb a 50 foot route (5.9) in about five minutes, thats about 10 feet a minute. 3000/10 is 300 minutes, or 5 hours. does this sound about right?
  5. what's the best route? i can lead high 5.10 on a good day, but solid 5.9 most of the time. i heard "slathe wall" is 5.9 A2, so that sounds about right. any other routes at this difficulty level?
  6. what's the A2 mean?
  7. i asked this old dude at the gym about our trip, and he said we would need "port-a-ledges and haul bags." he said there was a company named phish that was good for these things. cool! phish rocks!
  8. i read an article about some guys who went up with a power drill and replaced some old bolts. do we need a drill? i heard "bosh" is a good brand.
  9. i heard el captain is so high, you can jump off it with a parachute! does anyone know the name of school there that will teach us how to do that?
thanks for the help in advance, but please kind of hurry up, cause we're leaving in a week and a half.”

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