Friday, October 1, 2010

Finally! Fashionable Women Change The Face Of Climbing

I have seen some guys swanning around in the latest fashions (I’m not naming names, you know who you are) but finally, some women are bringing fashion to climbing. At least according to this article about Japanese climbers.

I like this quote because it shows what’s important in climbing – not getting to the top, but looking good in your clothes. (I know that’s the main focus of my climbing. BTW, I always check with my climbing partners are going to wear, so my outfit doesn’t clash. Do you?)

“These women were lively and cheerful, their demeanour a contrast to the stereotypical male climber who tends to remain silent when ascending, his focus on reaching the peak. The yama girls happily chatted about each other's clothing. ‘Your outfit is cute!’ one praised. ’It fits you so well!’ another said.”

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