Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Rappel Backup

This is an expensive alternative to an autoblock knot, but


Aaron said...

Call me a bit of a saftey freak, but I prefer to back up my rappel not only with a Shunt, but an autoblock after that. And then after the autoblock I like to use a prussik. Then, if all that fails, I will have to depend on the firemans belay. Now I have to change my tampon.
Sorry. It's rock climbing for Gawds Sakes! I always thought rapping was the easy part, guess I was wrong.

Aaron said...

How do I delete my last post? Sorry, I was being snarkey.

Rappelling is inherently dangerous and should only be attempted by those who have recieved proper training and under proper super-vision. Do not try this at home.

Lisa said...

I know how to delete it, but it will cost you. Nice photo by the way!