Thursday, September 2, 2010

Retrievable Anchors/Single Rope Rappels

I’ve been studying techniques for canyoneering. (We’re going back to Utah in October for some more canyoneering.)

I am impressed by all the different ways canyoneers have developed to make a safe rappel on a single line and yet still retrieve the rope. 

This is one technique using a regular size climbing rope and then a 6mm pull cord.

The normal "climber" method of setting up a rappel is to thread the rope through the anchor and rappel on both strands. This is a simple, straightforward method, and works in a lot of cases.

Using a block, the canyoneer can rappel single strand on the rope, then pull using a lighter line, such as a 6mm pull cord. This saves weight and adds flexibility.”

Here’s a system to retrieve all of your anchor slings after you descend:

Image:Retrieve s.JPG

Lots more ideas here.

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