Monday, September 27, 2010

Lead & Speed Climbing Competition

This was the lead and speed portion of the European Championship just ended in Innsbruck.And

people, people PLZ NOTICE:

At 2:35 and at 3:05 minutes into the video, the first and second place lead climbers come out with their belayers – get this peeps, are you paying attention? – and their lead ropes are in a friggin’ laundry basket.

OK, so those of you who can’t afford the blue plastic bags for carrying your lead ropes, just bring your laundry baskets. And hold your head high; laundry baskets are what the champion lead climbers in Europe (Yur Friggin’ Up) use.

It’s stylish ‘cuz it’s European. Oh, I ‘spose you’ve never even been to Europe.”  That’s all you need to say to your non-cool climbing partners if they even crack a smile when you wheel your basket out.

BTW, I couldn’t understand most of what they say – I am cool, like a European – but I don’t speak every one of their crazy languages. I did translate the climbers who used laundry baskets and they said, “I need a laundry basket ‘cuz I’ve got such big ones.” (I think they mean their ropes are super long.)

UPDATE, UPDATE – I watched the women lead climbers more carefully and, sure enough, they’re using laundry baskets too! At 4:05 and 4:50. OK, now it’s official, if the women are doing something, then it’s officially super cool.

Maybe you want to buy one of my new European Lead Rope Baskets.

laydry basket copy


Lisa said...

If they were cool they would have bags like us.

Lisa said...

I spoze you want me to buy you a basket now... Are you sober?
funny post btw

richard said...

I have a yellow and a blue plastic bag for my lead ropes. Both came from Europe, by the way.

But I am going to get a basket - as soon as I can afford one of those Patagonia ones.

richard said...

And yes, I am sober. But now, since you called me a lush, I am going to have a big, phat drink. So there, poopy head.