Wednesday, September 8, 2010

“Life Lessons Learned”



This is the story of a recent climb of a 19,000 foot peak in Ecuador by an inexperienced Michigan woman.

“I am no mountaineer. But we are climbing this mountain for real.

I’m angry at myself for how hard this is, how exhausted I am, how slow I’m moving, humbled by own former arrogance. Behind me, Paul calls out in encouragement: “You’re doing fabulous!”

‘Don’t patronize me’” I snap back, aware my anger is unfair but unable to control it. And there’s no way to go but go on….

We lay down in the bunks for a few hours’ rest but I can’t sleep. I can’t suck enough air into my lungs, the room is swaying like a ship at sea. I struggle outside, make my way across the blowing snow to the toilets. I am more miserable than I can ever remember and I paid for this privilege. I’d be laughing if I wasn’t so sick.”

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