Friday, June 4, 2010

Weather Insurance

If you want to climb somewhere and you don’t want your trip to be ruined because it rains, for example, here’s an online service that sells weather insurance. I plugged in a 5 day period in June in the Black Hills, and specified that I wanted to be paid $100 for each day it rained more than .5 inch, for a total payment of $500. Insurance for that is $34.


Lisa said...

what an interesting idea. With $100 you could rent a hotel room to sleep the day away,or go to a movie or buy enough booze to console yourself and a couple of friends.

Pamela said...

Lisa, either you have very expensive taste, or an extremely high alcohol tolerance!!!!

Lisa said...

That's funny, because a first I wrote "a whole bunch of friends" but I changed it to a couple of friends lest I be accused of buying cheap booze!! I can't win! But I was thinking of you guys.