Thursday, June 10, 2010

Croatia Part 1

IMG_0054We left the Cities about 5PM and flew directly to Amsterdam. We were super excited.



IMG_0067It never got completely dark – this shot over Hudson's Bay was the darkest.


IMG_0073Most of the flight over was overcast. But, on the western side of Greenland, I got this shot of hundreds of icebergs.

And this one of the plane’s engine just about to swallow an iceberg.


IMG_0087At Amsterdam, we found out that someone had mistakenly cancelled our flights to Croatia.

Than took two hours to re-schedule and a few hundred Euros. 

we were so excited to get our new boarding passes.

IMG_0110After a long plane delay, we arrived in Zagreb about 5PM. Tomorrow we head for Pltvice National Park and will be off the grid for about two days.

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JR said...

oh my, is that for real? its beautiful, i want to see lots of pics on your return!