Monday, June 7, 2010

Blue Bagging At The ‘Wing

100_0019Here’s Fabrice celebrating the benefits of a blue bag for carrying the lead rope at Red Wing on Monday. He is climbing like a house-a-fire. Ron and I joined him for some perfect weather, quiet Monday climbing. 



JR said...

Humm, I climbed every auto belay at the gym
with gobs of wining and screeching 12 year olds
from a girl scout troup. I think you guys won. And yowza
was there partial nudity aswell?
Richard have fun in the EU!

richard said...
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richard said...

I weep for your loneliness and loss of quietude in the midst of a troop of whoopers and screechers.

Yes, Jen, it was "Frenchmen Go Without Shirts Day" at the 'Wing. Everyone else wore tops.

I am hoping for a "Men With Pants On The Ground Day" for later this summer. But it's tough to do that when you're wearing a harness.

JR said...

maybe it's more difficult for some..........

Lisa said...

Keep yer pants on everyone, no one wants to see that! Jez I can't even leave for 1 day!