Friday, March 26, 2010

...stranded on a ledge

Ok, what happens if Ron drops his belay device...again. Well ok I guess we have given him so much crap about it, he will never do it again, but I might. So what would I do?

Here is a photo of the Carabiner Brake method. It sure looks cool and probably works well but it has many components and could be hard to rig if I am tired, it's getting dark or I don't have 6 biners or I am freaking out in any way. Read about it and we can try it later.

In our awesome class last night we learn we could save ourselves with a Munter hitch. I make one by making a clove hitch first and then reversing a loop, but that's me. Munter is odd the way he pops in and out of the biner when done correctly, kinda wigs me out. Anyway, it works. One draw back it the Munter can kink up your rope pretty good.
Here's the question: If you were trapped on a ledge because you dropped your belay device, (or you were a hero and gave yours to me because I dropped mine) What would you do? There are many ways to do things. Let's hear some!


richard said...

Here's one way you could get off a ledge

Lisa said...

that is a great idea!

Lisa said...

I think no one else wants to get off the ledge.