Saturday, March 20, 2010

Exciting Family Vacation

A family of four sets out in February from Southeast Alaska in their sailboat. Then the fun starts:

“When they’re forced  on to abandon ship at night in near-freezing water, all hell breaks loose. Managing to make their way alive to shore, they begin a desperate race against hunger and exposure. ..the Wortmans use shipwrecked scraps to rebuild a badly damaged plastic raft and clamber for miles over icy cliffs in utter darkness. .. Ten days after the shipwreck, the two girls are left on the beach while father and son head out in the raft for one last push to a distant cabin, but a round of frustrating delays means their reunion may never come. Starvation, frostbite, gangrene—it’s all here in excruciating detail. Get ready to shiver.”

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Lisa said...

Hey, Did my sister write that book? It sounds like on of our family vacations!