Thursday, March 18, 2010

St. Paddy's at Willow

Lots of green at Willow yesterday, just not on the trees or the ground! (Though I did see a few brave shoots poking up through the leaves.)
Since I regrettably do not possess Richard's mad blogging skills, I have only silent stills to show. Be patient with me; I'm figuring all this out as I go with 4 imaging softwares, 2 browsers, 1 shoddy internet connection, and multiple google accounts......

This looked like fun, but I'm not sure what the approach to the swing point was rated. It's a fair bet that the rest of it was 12.something!

There were a variety of belaying techniques to be found, including:


and The Bite/Assist.


Lisa said...

nice post and lotsa nice photos!

richard said...

Thanks Pamela for the photos. It is hard to figger this stuff out. Especially with a slow internet connection.