Thursday, March 11, 2010

Mind Games

If you have ever taken a big whipper or suffered a climbing injury, you know it can be a long road back. Some days I wonder if I will ever get back. In exploring Steph Davis' Blog I found an article that speaks to this issue better than any I have seen, The part I like best is a comment by "Larkin".

"”Take that glow/excitement/appreciation for life that you gained from this experience and recycle it back into your adventure. As you slowly work your way back into climbing and leading don’t “learn to ignore the fear” but let it become your friend, so that when you feel it, you think “oh yeah! Thanks for the reminder. This is LIFE, and I love it!” rather than “oh shit, gonna die, gotta go down.”

To read Steph's full article, and I think you should, click here Mind Games

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Lisa said...

Thank you for posting that for me Richard.