Sunday, July 12, 2009

Wow! Wausau!

A funny thing happened on the way to kayaking this weekend. I found out I love bouldering! I always thought of bouldering as just going up aways and traversing and coming back down. I'm happy to say I was set straight this weekend. Four of us paddlers/climbers were up at the crack of dawn to hit up Rib Mountain in Wausau before the water was turned on. I was introduced to real feral far away from the indoor kind of bouldering. Trust me on this...the routes are incredible from easy to extremely hard and everything in between. They were tall enough that once you past a point a fall wasn't really an option. What a great start to the day! Well worth the trip for just bouldering. Of course being Wausau there are so many other things in the area to do. Sorry, I didn't get any photos....I had my camera battery on the charger. Next time or just check out Mountain Project for more beta.


richard said...

Rib Mountain has lots of bouldering listed on Mtn Project here

Thanks Nora for the trip report.

Nora said...

I put a complete report up on my kayaking blog at The weekend was fun!