Tuesday, July 7, 2009

More Black Hills Climbing

These climbs are all in the Sylvan Lake area. (In my previous post, I mentioned a couple of them, but this list is more extensive.) Also, on the first page of the same article, is the story of the first ascent of a Sylvan Lake classic, as told by the Conns. More details of the route here.



Pamela K said...
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Pamela K said...

that looks like the place i split my hand open....i was downclimbing in a gully over a big boulder like that (except there was no rope, it not being an actual climb). i was all set to controlled-barn-door from the left side to the right to continue my downward scramble, not realizing my right hand was pressing against a particularly sharp crystal. as i swung, the rock sliced in--but i couldn't let go, or else i'd land on my back (or tumble down backwards) on the same stuff. still got the scar, though it's getting smaller. sucked for belaying for about a week. moral of the story: needles are sharp.