Monday, July 27, 2009

Rocks I did this Weekend...They were Wet!

Another fabulous Wausau weekend of paddling and bouldering. As I promised I took some photos of the rock. It's quartzite and very pleasant to climb on. Unfortunately there were showers so the rocks Saturday evening were wet. We bouldered easy routes. 6:30 in the morning we got up and did some more bouldering before the days paddling. The rocks were dry and we did some awesome routes. So much varried personality to all the rocks up there. Pamela had her second day paddling at Wausau and did fantastic. For those interested in learning Bear Paw has been offering intro classes at the Whitewater park for $35.00 which includes gear and boat. They are filling up fast!

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richard said...

Thanks Nora, sounds like you had a good time.