Friday, July 3, 2009

Red Wing On Friday

In an effort to be Independent, we took off work Friday (yeah, like I ever work) and went climbing at the ol’ RWBB.

Horrors, there were other people there! Lots! Like Jeff and C.J. from VE. Who asked me if I had any friends I was climbing with. “Like, yeah, I have friends” (I think.) “They just aren’t here yet.” (I hope.)

“Well you can climb with us, you poor friendless wretch.” That was very nice of them.  But then RW Ron showed up and I was all set. “Where’s Lisa?” RW Ron asked. “She told me she didn’t really want to see you,” I told Ron, “so buck up, Buttercup, let’s climb.” So he did and we did.

Rackie showed up and then there were 3. Ron led up one climb, traversed, clipped the other route’s anchors, down climbed the 2nd route, climbed back up, over and back down. Nice. Then he went over and climbed up “Looking for Lust” and down climbed the whole route. Then I climbed a new route and Ron climbed up Annadonia. (You know, sometimes I kinda wish my friends didn’t climb so good. So now I am at home biting my pillow.)



Lisa said...

O MY WORD. I will never take a rest day again! Doggone it RG, people like you! And as for Ron, I wanted to wait to see you til our trip so it would be more special. Glad you boys had a good climb, I had a good nap!

Pamela K said...

good story, Richard! :)