Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Red Wing Geocache

Last Sunday we found this geocache at Red Wing. It is in an obvious location at the top of a climb. Today I added a “Travel Bug” which has a unique number that you can track as it (hopefully) wanders the world. I wonder how long the “bug”  will stay there. (I released a different Bug in December of ‘03 and so far it has been moved 17,582 miles by a total of 81 people.)   If you want to track “High Boltage” Bug, go here and enter this tracking number: 311319. (This is all terribly geeky, I know. But it’s very similar to that book called “Paddle-to-the-Sea.”)


wed wing won said...

hey this is kind of cool. It will be interesting to see where it travels.

Lisa said...