Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Green Climbing

I tried to get Mel, Lisa and Carl to do the first totally “green” climb of the Grand Teton. For example, I suggested they charge their flashlights using helmets with solar cells during the day, and when the sun’s not out, helmets with little windmills. (See below.)

mel with windmill lisa in solar hat

I tried to get them to buy approach shoes with soles made from free-range rubber and the rest of the shoe made from woven reeds. And to use a hemp rope. So far, they have refused. (I guess the windmill on Mel’s head would be a little cumbersome.)

But at least they will be climbing on 100%, all natural, organically certified rock. And they will have this totally recycled phone system I made for them so they can contact their base camp.  


Pamela K said...

Thanks for the laugh, Richard!

Lisa said...

Richard,I called you on the tin can last night, no answer!!!! I am going to try smoke signals, no that involves how about drums, yes I shall call you with drums.Is that noise polution?