Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Respect The Boulders

I thought these two videos dripped with irony. In this video, sponsored by the Access Fund, Chris says “It’s our responsibility to treat them (boulders) with respect.”


In the video below, originally posted by Levi, the same guy is climbing a hugely difficult sport route. So how is the rock in this video “respected”? By drilling bolts into it and hanging hardware from it. And by using “pin scars” from previous climbers as hand holds. That’s all OK by me. But I certainly hope we don’t have to respect the rock so much that we can’t use it.

Although, come to think of it, when I climb I can hear the rock screaming “Hey, get off me you big lug. I’m about a bazillion years old. Oh no, you just smeared your feet all over my face. Ouch. You jammed your hand right into my innards. That hurt. Stop it.” (You have to listen really hard and put your ear right on the rock to hear it. That’s when I fall.)

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wed wing won said...

thats the rock talking? i thought i was hearing the voices in your head.