Friday, June 26, 2009

Hijinx at TF

Picture it, clear blue sky, no bugs, eager climbers, 4 top ropes set, GO!
Ward coached Levi through his first trad lead and did plenty of leading himself. Mel and I set up our bomber anchors in record time, probably only about 10 minutes. I know, hard to believe!Then we rapped down on those same anchors. Peter met us there and was up to his usual shenanigans, fooled me into thinking a climb was easy, the way he did it so fast. Turned out it wasn't easy. Team work got me up Batman. Em says she climbed them all and they were all hard. Jay had an amazing day as usual.

Notice Levi's belay stance in the tree, man, some people's kids.

This is the Mel-Lisa theory of anchors. Set 3 anchors like normal people, Set one little tiny test piece and an emergency one on a tree.

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richard said...

It's amazing no one got hurt by the bright sun. Phew, that is good.