Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Amping Motivation by Eric J. Hörst

Motivation is an integral part of the success formula and, therefore, being able to create and maintain motivation is an invaluable skill you need to develop. Here are five techniques to amp-up your motivation and elevate your performance.

1.) Set Goals. Training and performance goals are the ultimate motivator. Write down five things you'd like to accomplish over the next twelve months--set deadlines and get to work.

2.) Visualize the success process and outcome. Regular mental review of your success strategy and the goal achieved programs your subconscious mind and helps keep you on course to achieving it.

3.) Be positive, 24-7. Negative thoughts and non-constructive criticisms of yourself (and others) will drag you down. Keep your self-talk (and conversations with others) positive and productive. Leave the negative spray to the naysayers and losers of the world.

4.) Consume high-quality media that opens your mind and expands your views of what is possible. Biographies and interviews with peak performers (in anything) will inspire, motivation, and provide you with the seeds for success.

5.) Believe! Regardless of short-term setbacks or failures, believe that success is inevitable if you persevere and continue to extend your reach beyond your grasp.

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richard said...

I did make some goals for this year. Luckily, I've already forgotten them. My goal for next year is to remember my goals.