Thursday, June 4, 2009

Hey, Clean Up After Yourself

Or, more accurately, after the others who leave stuff behind. There is a clean up scheduled for Red Wing on June 28th, starting at 10AM.

I went to the clean up last weekend at Taylors Falls. (I know, real climbers don’t go to these events.) It was just fine; I didn’t get a bad disease and very few people actually humiliated me for showing up. (You know the saying, “It takes a village to clean up after the idiots trash it.”)

They had free food and they gave out prizes like T shirts and water bottles and – isn’t this the best? – Lisa won a chalk bag. And you can still climb and you don’t have to pick up a lot of stuff. Plus (to me this is the best part) I know now that all of my previous littering hasn’t been in vain – it provides work for these folks. And they are going to spray poison all over the ivy!

Eat, kill things, climb. What way to spend the day.

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