Monday, April 18, 2011

A Few Favorite Climbs In The Black Hills

This is for you Pete.

These are some of my favorite routes in the Black Hills that I’ve done as well as routes that are “must-dos” according to others.

Rushmore area:

Cathedral Spires/Ten Pins

  • Spire 4 – 2 pitch trad route with optional Wormhole
  • Station 13 – slender 150’ spire with exposed finish
  • imageSandberg Peak – super fun and the best “show-off” route for people in cars. It looks like it will fall over any minute.
  • Sickle – this is an arête climb that Greg & I backed off from because we thought we were lost. Turns out we weren’t.
  • Tricouni Nail/Cerebrus – relies on  a piton placed in the ‘60s for one piece of protection. Needs a simul-rap or one rope rappel from the top.

Sylvan Lake

Moonlight Ridge & Needle’s Eye

  • Gobs of Knobs – odd name for a climb that has gobs of knobs; no listing in Mountain Project
  • Wave Runner – bolted route up a blank-looking face
  • Lunatic – bolted route up an arête
  • Moonlight Rib – many times, this is just free soloed
  • imageNeedle’s Eye – someone day I’ll follow someone up this baby





Spearfish area – I’ve only climb here twice so I have limited knowledge. I do remember these:


Lisa said...

Lisa Likes Inner Course and Lander Turkey Shoot at Sylvan and Gobs of knobs at Moonlight Ridge and Would like to note the Richard loves Sandberg peak.

Lisa said...

oh and I have never done waves and would like to.

Lisa said...

oh and I have never done waves and would like to.