Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Climbing El Cap At 50

Three high school friends decide to climb El Cap 32 years after their high school graduation. It helps considerably that one of the friends has climbed El Cap more than 100 times. (There truly is an advantage of growing up in California if you want to climb in Yosemite.) He says, “it’s not easy. It’s super freaking hard.” I love it when one of them says “Not nervous at all.” He’s standing on the road. Another guy says it’s the most challenging thing he can think of except for getting married and having a child. (If he truly had a child, that would be super challenging as well as a miracle.)

I’m being slightly critical, but It is great to see these 3 guys getting to the summit and their pride in accomplishment. Even though one of them says he felt abandoned when the other two wouldn’t talk to him on the last pitch.

The Matadors and El Capitan from oomphTV on Vimeo.

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