Friday, March 25, 2011

Too Pooped To Pop

Or, more accurately, he can’t poop before he climbs El Cap. Quite a story of two older guys who are experienced Yosemite climbers, climbing “The Shield” on El Cap last Fall. The photo on the left is particularly funny with its caption:

  “Mark, on the other hand, can pretty much poop on demand. Bastard!”

You can see why his friend is frustrated by this because he says:

“I couldn’t poop! I probably sat there on the crummy campground can reading the topo twenty times over. How many times can you look at a little line labelled “The Groove”? No luck. Not even a walnut. I have never - not once in 7 walls - pooped pre-launch. Nevertheless, off we went, up to Mammoth one last time and on to Gray Ledges.”


As you can tell, it’s quite overhanging on “The Shield.”

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