Sunday, March 6, 2011

Should Climbers Have To Pay The Full Costs Of Climbing?

The National Park Service wants to raise the fees for climbing Denali. They want the costs of dealing with and rescuing climbers to be recouped by charging more for climbers. Of course,

“… the Access Fund, the American Alpine Club, and the American Mountain Guides Association said higher park entrance fees for all visitors…wouldn’t be unreasonable.”

In other words, those groups want all visitors to pay for the few who want to climb the mountain. Seems to me, climbers should carry their own weight.


wed wing won said...

They should make it so you have to put down a rescue deposit of some dollar amount and if you don't need rescuing you get that money back.

richard said...

Ron, that's a good idea. I like it. Climbers could show they have insurance for a rescue or post a bond that they get back if they don't need to be rescued. I think they do something like that in Europe.

Lisa said...

Insurance is the way!